Using our time wisely and taking stock of what matters most.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

To say I feel lost is a gross understatement but I also feel grateful for this reset.

~ I didn’t realise how tired I was until I stopped

~ I didn’t realise how much I was on auto pilot until I stopped

~ I didn’t realise how much time I invested into my business until I stopped

~ I didn’t realise how much time I wasted until I stopped


~ I’ve slept in without guilt every single day

~ I’ve sat down for meals with my family every single day

~ I’ve trained every single day

~ I’ve read a book every single day

~ I’ve listened to podcasts every single day

~ Most importantly I’ve been a present wife & mum every single day

As we settle into our new normal we’re working on our new routine, work / life / family and what that looks like. As a family we’ve sat down to look at what we’d like to achieve during this time and what our priorities are.

For me my “working hours” are being turned into study / reading hours with

my large stock pile of books consuming my time along with podcasts and audiobooks. Whilst there is so much out of our control there is also so much within our control and the reality is that life does go on and being ready for the flip side both emotionally & physically will put us in good stead to embrace when and what that will be.

Whilst our days are faced with challenges, small children to entertain and bills to pay, these challenges present wonderful opportunities for growth and building resilience.

We can’t change what is happening but we can 100% control how we respond as ultimately we are in charge of our destiny and have responsibility for it.

Look for the positives, now is the time to focus our energy to things we’ve always wanted to do and said ‘I don’t have time’ ~ in reality time is what we all have in abundance it’s just how we choose to use it.

Find your new routine and use this time to flourish.

Image by Natalie Davies Photography

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