Training With, Through and Around Injury.

Training with, through and around injury most certainly is a marathon not a sprint.

At just shy of 3 months post shoulder surgery it’s still very much 2 steps forward, 2 steps back and the greatest take away to date has been practicing patience and listening to my body.

Without getting technical, this what I can share with you that has helped me to this point.

- Arm yourself with great professionals - build your entourage, be open

- Our bodies were made to MOVE - Load it, test it, REST it

- Just because an exercise is on the rehab program, if it doesn’t feel right for you, It’s likely not - don't push it

- Make friends with heat / ice

- Nutrition / Supplementation matters alot

- Don’t beat yourself up for the setbacks, acknowledge them but don’t let them consume YOU

- Educate yourself - ask questions. REALLY IMPORTANT ask alot of questions (always)

- Seek out a second, third opinion if necessary - don't accept the status quo (even in a pandemic)

- Celebrate the WINS (all of them)

- Practice patience and practice kindness to yourself

Key absolute, key (speaking from my experience only here) address what’s happening above and below the injury, address underlying weakness/tightness that may be contributing, working against your recovery. Just as a baby learns to crawl, re-learning movement patterns and strengthening the injured sight in a strong, stable position so you're not rebuilding and strengthening in a position of weaknesses, which comes back to arming yourself with a great team of professionals who can help.

If I can help in any way, please reach out the greatest gift we can share is knowledge, experience and in terms of injury great trusted health professionals matter, of which I know a few #trusttheprocess

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