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The Dopamine Hit that is Social Media..

Updated: Jul 5

The thing you are doing right now, is the very thing you

prioritised, hmm interesting...

Social media, an app designed to suck you in, get you lost, scroll, keep you mindlessly scrolling and then bam you've lot a massive chunk of time with absolutely nothing to show except a double dose of self doubt and occassionaly some new activewear!

Buttttttt if you have a business you 'need' to show up on socials with wonderful content, amazing stories and scream to the masses "im here"I tried, honestly tried, like really tried to show up but all it did was massively induce my anxiety and make me question every inch of my being...as well as detach me from all the meaningful, wonderful things I was actually engaged in because, 'gosh I better share this to socials'

Don't get me wrong I honestly think there are so many wonderful things about this platform and I have benefited from engaging with some of the most wonderful, kind, brilliant and generous humans, however for me as a person / business showing up on this platform for the most part has,

A: Induced my anxiety, and;

B: In the context of business, hasn't grown my unique offering

I've recently conducted an experiement with socials, only posting to my stories once a week for the past 2 weeks, no content, just random happenings to my story on a Wednesday, as it happens, and surprise, surprise I've lost followers, I've gained followers, I've received DM's hey come work with us, wear our brand, hey DM us for 5000 new followers none of which reflected actual engagement that would sound something like Nat (person Nat, yes me) are you ok, we miss you, you're content, your contribution, are you taking new clients etc .. I guess you can see where im going.

I was once so tied up in the success of my business and at points my own worth, resting on the relative engagement received online, am I back at high school, needing validation?? I know im not alone when speaking to this, and I am 1000% ok to share this openly, as most who know me well, and for those that don't welcome Hi, im Nat, I like warm hugs... jokes, will know although I may be quiet I am an open book when it comes to experiences, life, the hard stuff that actually really matters.

So in closing on today's thoughts regarding MY personal / business use with social platforms

  1. It is a wonderful tool, however, I feel MY time at the moment is better spent elsewhere, being a Mum, reading a book, washing my hair, lifting heavy things, running - all of the above in no particular order

  2. I am grateful for the wonderful humans I have been able to connect with and learn from using social platforms, you guys ROCK

  3. Generally speaking I don't like screaming to the masses / selling myself, so giving myself permission to take a break, gosh its been so bloody lovely

  4. I AM SUPER, SUPER, DUPER happy and supportive of everyone who loves and is so successful at using these platforms - you guys are GREAT, keep it up.

In summary - IT's NOT YOU (socials), IT's ME

and...if you're stuck in socials and going down a rabbit hole, please add the below quote to your daily mantra and hopefully soon enough you too will be free (ish..) and live happily ever after.

The next time you get nervous about others opinions, look them mentally in the eye and say,

"What you think of me is none of my business"

Terry Cole Whittaker



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