Staying on track with your Health and Fitness Goals over the 'Silly Season' ~ by Prue Mynard

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

With less than a month until Christmas, the silly season is officially here. Christmas time and the surrounding months are busy for everyone. They involve a lot of catch ups with family and friends, a lot of rich food and a lot of occasions for drinking and celebrating, and so we all should celebrate – achievements and hard work over the previous 12 months.

But what is the best way to strike the balance between enjoying these occasions in a way that isn’t over the top and being able to stay on track with your health and fitness related goals? It is possible.

Here’s a few tips:

1. Don’t skip meals – especially if you know you have an evening function on, don’t be tempted to skip lunch. This will not only leave you hungry in the afternoon, it will also lead to you being ravenous at the function, over-eating and filling up on likely rich, calorie dense foods, which will not provide your body with the best fuel. Instead, consider having a normal lunch, that contains a good source of protein, plenty of salad or veggies and some carbohydrate and a light afternoon snack. This will allow you to enjoy your function and have a lot more control over what you choose to eat.

2. Alternate alcohol with water – this is the age-old tip when it comes to drinking, but it’s really important, especially when drinking in the warmer months. Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration. Drinking water, not only helps to rehydrate but also slows down the drinking process, leaving you feeling that bit sharper the next morning. Also remember to stay hydrated throughout the day and in the lead up to these events.

3. Exercise in the morning – being daylight savings, a lot of people tend to exercise in the evening, which is fine, until life gets busy and social activities get in the way. During this busy time of year, exercising in the morning is imperative to ensure you are staying on track with your sessions. A morning session means it’s out of the way before you start the day and there are absolutely no excuses to not show up.

4. Remove the guilt – there is one time of year where there is plum pudding, fruit mince pies, a roast with all the trimmings, the list goes on. Don’t let these foods affect how you feel about these occasions. Enjoy this time, enjoy and savour these delicacies, but do so in a portion-controlled manner. This mindfulness will allow a greater feeling of satisfaction and will be better for your overall health than if you deprive yourself as you are more likely to overeat at a later date. Instead of continuously saying no, say yes.

5. Enjoy yourself. The most important tip for the silly season is to enjoy yourself - have a couple of drinks, eat the mince pie and make sure you really enjoy doing so. And, if you do happen to over-indulge during this time, don’t beat yourself up about it, remember, there are 31 days in December, which is 93 meals, if a few of these are over-indulgent, it’s not the end of the world. Just make sure you get back to your normal habits when you can – don’t put yourself on a diet!

Article Written By Prue Mynard Dietician & Nutritionist

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