Shoulder Surgery; The slow road back to function, banter and being over 40..

Is it that im 40, an overuse injury, a FOSH fall or just plain old poor mechanics - who knows all I know is I've got a bloody sore shoulder and a long road ahead of rehab after an initial 6 weeks in a sling, 2 small kiddos, a needy cat and hurrah it's school holidays.

There seems to be a repeating theme of late and its become quite the running joke, that being over 40, well everything starts to fall apart, literally. It's quite comical but jokes aside I think there needs to be a transparent handbook for every stage of life so we can all hedge our bets and be a little more prepared, #justsayin

Something to the extent if you play sport or throw a ball you'll probably end up needing surgery down the track, or if you've danced all your life bam you'll end up having surgery, you get my gist.

Thankfully through the process of arriving at sugery I was lucky enough to have a brilliant surgeon who indulged my nerdy tendencies, talked scans, hypothecticals, outcomes as well as put up with me cancelling many appointments so I could try some more rehab...really me just praying to the kindness gods for a miracle.

This my friends is buy-in, it was a collaboration with surgery being a destination arrived at together, exhausting all options before hello chop chop. This is respect, trust was earnt and I got comfortable with the idea of surgery with the end goal in mind - RETURN TO FUNCTION. Everything comes at a cost. I may lose my mind, soo many things I can't do but the sooner I get through rehab the sooner I can get back to doing what I love.

The surgery it self went well, in techical speak the surgery was; Left Shoulder Arthroscopic Decompression, Excision AC joint, Bicep Tenodesis. What was meant to be an overnight stay, turned into three nights. Turns out im a sensitive soul and was knocked for six by all the drugs and anaethestic. After a rough few days and with the help of a very special friend who happens to be an anaesthetist we got my drugs under control and I was able to come home. I definately wouldn't say im living the dream, but it's a real treat to snuggle my kids and be reminded how great my husband is, side note men can multi-task; who knew??

Gahh the 2020 files of WTAF continue, but with some drugs a hefty book depositry delivery and a freezer full of food for the family after one last cook off before surgery, I am able to tackle sleeping upright, accept that I can't do anything, embrace ice packs and know that this too shall pass..

Stay tuned on my return to function, I have no doubt there will be some bumps in the road but as always, so long as you're putting one foot in front of the other, you're moving forward.

Nat x

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