BIG statements, but necessary work, and a work that is forever in progress. 6 years ago I weighed 45 kilos, I was stressed off the charts, a broken mess both physically & emotionally, a cardio obsessed, sleep deprived breastfeeding mum who had no idea of what I was doing with little to-no support. This photo makes me very sad for so many reasons but also one that I refer back to when I have my shitty self doubt moments of WTF am I doing and it gives me great hope. This was a big deep black hole that only I could get myself out of and the reason I do what I do every day. Today, on a good day I weigh probably 60kg, not sure, nor do I care for the number, I can squat my bodyweight, deadlift nearly 2x (trap bar 😉) and have found a nice relationship with cardio. To say it has been an easy road would be a flat out lie, at times its been brutal but the reality is this - I finally love my body, my quads, my butt and I accept my story the good, the bad and the god damn awful ~ ALL OF IT and most of the time I am bloody grateful for it. So this is a little reminder in the flashy world we live in. The highlight reels (mine included) are simply like a good hashtag they are the #PICOFTHEDAY if you like, showing the rest of the world that we have our shit together, or in my case that I'm smashing goals in the gym, business is booming and just WOW go me, when in reality those days are the exception… A little reminder; YOU CAN DO great things but you don’t have to be great everyday YOU CAN STAY stuck but you can also PIVOT YOU CAN CHOOSE to see someones #PICOFTHEDAY as your failings or shortcomings OR YOU CAN REMIND yourself that it’s only a HIGHLIGHT reel not the full picture We all have the capacity to be whatever we can dream of, it's about wether we're willing to do the necessary work to get there. I promise you if I CAN DOT IT, so can you. With a little bit of grit and the right people in your corner the possibilities are endless... Comparison really is the thief of joy. Where you are now is not your final destination, keep showing up doing the work until the only person you're comparing yourself too, is YOU.

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