Defining Success ~ Living with Purpose

I used to think I was an introvert, talking / presenting / starting conversations would literally tip me over the edge. I spent a long time not pursuing things because I honestly convinced myself I couldn’t do them, the thought of ever steering a ship was terrifying.

I’ve dug long and hard to be where I am today and now as I reflect I've come to realise I’m actually not an introvert at all I had just been stuck in my own head and living without passion; without purpose.

My birth father was Italian, perhaps my hand gestures and expressive talking are from him, who knows, but one thing remains, everyday I live my purpose ~ to help others find happiness in themselves, to love their bodies, their life and help them see that with a little bit of grit mountains can be conquered one step at a time.

I may not be the most educated trainer out their nor do I claim to be, just like you I’m evolving, learning, growing and to be honest I will never stop learning, but what I will guarantee my MOVE family is my honesty, empathy and my never ending quest to help them believe they are amazing just as they are, to enjoy the process and start seeing the sky as the limit.

My road has been bumpy, actually quite brutal at times, I’ve pivoted more times then I can count but I can honestly say there is nothing in this world I’d rather be doing than helping people find happiness through movement.

I’ll keep using my hands, speaking my truth and having a good crack and if by chance along the way I help just one human then I’m living my purpose and I’ll deem myself a success.

'Every decision we make takes us closer or further away from ourselves'

Images by Natalie Davies Photography


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