Celebrate the WINS ~ A recap on the week that was

TESTING, to see how far we’ve progressed in our training and to set new goals moving into the next training block.

Anticipation of failure is very real when we throw the words ’TESTING' around, anxiety and stress creeps in and we start to doubt/question our ability, have I done the work? am I good enough? As Monday rolled around we started day 1 of testing Monday 5(RM) Deadlifts, 5(RM) Bench Press, 2km Row-Erg time trial Wednesday 5(RM) Hip Thrust, 5(RM) O/H Press, 1km Ski-Erg time trial Friday 5(RM) Back Squat, max pull-ups, max push-ups and an all out 30xsec balls to the wall effort for max cals on the #rogue echo bike Im exhausted but 100% cup filled up with out bursting joy for what was achieved this week. We all know we are our own worst critic, we put ourselves down at any opportunity we can, I could have done better, I could have done more. This week that didn’t happen, when you have a room full of people wanting to see you WIN you LIFT. The mind will 100% give up before we are physically done, a few words of encouragement, ARE you really done? and I can guarantee if I'm asking this question the ANSWER is 100% NO, they know it and I know it.

When we remain within our comfort zone, we feel safe and are in control, but in order to grow we need to push boundaries and be willing to take ourselves to places that we have

previously resisted. The 30sec #rogue echo bike sprint for max cals was the perfect place to test limits, my instruction was simply BLOW YOURSELF UP, this may sound harsh, but if you want to know what you're made of, this is the kind of direction that is needed. I've danced more happy dances this week than in some time, at times I've felt a bit Tom Cruise esque on Oprahs couch. As a trainer seeing clients achieving goals, lifting more weight than they ever thought they were capable of is the very reason I wake up at 4.30am everyday.

Training is far more then physical and I'm very grateful for the wonderful humans in our community who exemplify the MOVE ethos, are genuinely supportive with endless high fives, stopping what they are doing to get behind last reps to give their teammates that extra push, which is one of the things that I feel makes MOVE extra special ~ it‘s always about the people.

Testing is so valuable; as a trainer I have new benchmarks to help clients become fitter, faster, stronger - however the real highlight for me this week has hands down been seeing people believe in their abilities, back themselves, walk a little taller, a little prouder knowing they took themselves to a place that before they never thought possible.

Also a massive shout out to some amazing PT clients who have also tested over this past week, with some equally amazing results, and possibly harder as they only had me in their corner.

Closing out the week I would like everyone to reflect on when they started training, remember when you couldn't lift a bar or when you avoided the echo bike and told yourself you couldn't do a push-up let alone a pull-up and now look at you ~ CELEBRATE EVERY WIN ~

Coach me and I will LEARN,

Challenge me and I will GROW, Believe in me and I will WIN’

Well done team, doing great things, beyond PROUD.

Nat x

Image by Natalie Davies Photography


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