1:1 Training, achieving goals and the WHY behind a program

Meet Phil, my husband and also a client. Pre-covid Phil had always been a group training client, because training at 5.45am was what he could manage when commuting an hour to work each morning. 6 months in lockdown his training has looked extremely different and not surprisingly he has made significant progress. Working in a corporate role he sits all day at a computer (also at home) whilst this is not uncommon it certainly does have it's downfalls. Given the opportunity Phil would choose to train upper body and bench press everyday, however because of his occupation / lifestyle habits his program heavily focuses on pulling patterns, posterior chain, ie back/core strength which are fundamental to combat postural imbalances of sitting all day and also key contributors to the performance of the game he loves to play, Golf. A strong a stable core is the power house behind a solid swing. Whilst we do train rotational power, majority of his training incorporates movements that fight rotation, such as the paloff press and loaded carries for example, all of which work the entire trunk so when he does rotate he has greater awareness and control. Whilst he does lift heavy, he’s not training for absolute strength, his loads are relative and his program has an emphasis on longevity, mobility and wellness. A 1RM deadlift or a hectic WOD is not where’s it at. Whilst the occasional intensity hit out is thrown in for novelty, if the required mobility, stability or strength to complete it is lacking then it defeats the purpose. The beauty of 1:1 training is you are solely focused on the betterment of that individual, their unique goals/needs, and therefore the why behind something being on a program.

The Proof is in the Pudding. Stay tuned for Victorian golf courses re-opening to see if all his hard work has paid off.

Image by Natalie Davies Photography


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