Benefits of Group Training

Group training sessions will hold you accountable: you are responsible for turning up, and committing to the required work. You will be supported, challenged and inspired; the team around you will motivate you and help you through each session.


At movebynm, we appreciate that everyone is unique and works at their level; no one is left behind. We respect the individual’s daily readiness to train. Every session is an opportunity to build on the last. There is no ego, just honest hard work. Our community of like-minded people will get you through the toughest of sessions.

Casual Pass =   $25
5   Class Pass = $110
10 Class Pass = $200
20 Class Pass = $360


Benefits of Personal Training

At movebynm, we believe training is more than a physical transformation; we work with you on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our sessions focus on technique and form, making it a safe environment for those returning after injury, and perfect for those who have specific goals. We create a personalised program for the client in a supportive space, maximising the client’s time and achieving the best results.


Personal Training is an opportunity to forge a strong relationship built on trust and mutual respect. Our clients are held accountable, and continually motivated and challenged whilst the body adapts, to avoid plateau.

30 min Personal Training $50.00
60 min Personal Training $75.00

Personal Training Packages available upon request.