MOVE by Natalie McGrath

Hi, I’m Nat.

I honestly love what I do.

For me, movement is a way of life. I need to move often, and move well; not just for the physical benefits, but more importantly, for the positive effect on my mental health and overall wellbeing.

I have always been active; running, netball, training. I can't recall a stage in my life where I wasn’t moving! I’ve been fortunate to transform my lifestyle into my career, and one that I am so genuinely passionate about.

I am a qualified personal trainer, mat and reformer pilates instructor, and a pre/post natal professional, and I have a strong understanding of how to train the body as an integrated unit.


The opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on another person’s life is something that I am so very grateful for.

- Nat McGrath


Rachel & Mark Millerd

“We are very lucky to have Nat as a personal trainer! She is incredibly passionate about her work and dedicated to making sure she brings out the best in her clients! We appreciate her motivating, yet  very caring nature! She has established a great community of people and training sessions are always varied, full of energy and fun! We especially love it when she makes yummy treats!”

Sheri Friis 

"What a win to have found Nats! My husband and I have been so privileged to be able to train with with this incredible lady! Her sessions are professional, dynamic and results driven - PLUS she keeps it fun! The love and care she pours into you while you train is also her strength! 

This is one passionate human who keeps us motivated the whole session and helps you achieve all your fitness and health goals! It is the highlight of my week training at Movebynm"


Movebynm are a boutique training studio. We offer clients a personally tailored service; all sessions are scalable to meet individual needs. With one-on-one client movement and fitness screening, as well as regular testing, we hold our clients accountable and work together to achieve individual goals. As a community, we come together to help you push harder. A team mentality is a non-negotiable; we foster an environment where the physiological aspect of training is equally as important as the physical. We work hard within the scope of your day-to-day capacity to achieve optimum results.


Our small group classes are designed with high intensity in mind. A combination of strength and conditioning, we pride ourselves on our programming, and no two sessions are same. Our studio is equipped with both functional and strength and conditioning tools, including ski-erg, air-bike, row-erg, kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells, which allows for great variety in all classes. Mobility is an important focus: extensive dynamic warm-ups are included in all sessions (to prepare the body for movement), and we work on range of motion, including self-myofascial release work.